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Measurement & Verification

M&V provides a formal way of verifying and quantifying your consumption patterns and the accuracy of your existing metering system without fully investing in smart metering hardware from the get-go. This is achieved by installing temporary smart meters for a set time-period to construct an energy baseline that you can use to accurately evaluate your business needs or flag any immediate issues. 

Site inspections & recommendations

A Republic Metering field technician performs a visual inspection and documentation of the site.  A system design, based on the site’s reticulation and layout, is then developed.

Technical consulting

Expert advice and strategies based on your particular needs, from hardware selections system recommendations.


Republic Metering has a team of trained smart metering field technicians who manage and coordinate the entire installation process, including meter programming.


All smart meters are physically commissioned after installation to verify proper installation such as orientation and phasing of current transformers and programming of the communications software to ensure that data is recorded correctly online.



Get a practical understanding of how to access your profile online, as well as how to analyse the data if needed.

Technical Support (on-site & off)

Our highly skilled technicians and support team ensure that you get one-on-one service and support, from general queries and advice, to hardware, software or account queries

Monthly billing & invoicing

Billing cycles, tariff increases and tenant billing are streamlined by Republic Metering. ERP/Accounting integrations currently available are SAP, MDA, Pastel and SAMRAS.

Billing queries & disputes

Professional help to investigate irregularities flagged on a municipal account, and apply for credits if applicable (customers only).

Ongoing monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your meter accounts to flag potential issues such as tampering, leaks, load issues, usage anomalies etc.

Management reports

Full monthly summary report and audit of municipal meter and submeter consumption.  Reports for larger commercial or industrial sites will include electricity buying vs selling model overviews.

Consumption audit & analysis

A monthly audit to ensure that the full load going into a site is metered downstream and recovered from tenants.

Hear it from our customers

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“We got Republic Metering involved to help us understand how the municipality was billing us for our electricity usage.  With their involvement, we discovered that we had been overbilled for quite some times and they helped facilitate the correction as well as the credit. Without the data we have been able to extract using Republic Metering’s system, we could never have hoped to be in the position we are in now. It’s shown its value without a doubt.”

Tony Swift

General Manager, Chicory SA

“We were put in contact with Republic Metering when battling with one of our customers, who was querying why their electrical account was so high. The Republic Metering team was incredibly professional and proficient – straight after upgrading our existing hardware with smart meters incorrect billing by our existing manual metering reading company flagged along with discrepancies on the municipal metering side. We have come very far since our first contact with them – and have gotten much more than we could have expected by having them as our metering partner”.

Simone Barry

Commercial Property Manager, Inscape Property Management

“Republic Metering runs the water and electricity metering of both our Spar and property portfolios – changing to a smart metering system (specifically Republic Metering) has had a massive impact on our business. Republic Metering are reliable, their service is on-point and as a property group, we will continue to use their services without question as we grow”.

Kevin McLoughlin

Director, Western Gruppe Properties