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About Republic Metering

“Most people see smart metering as a vehicle to help them gain control of their utilities – and it is, but it’s also far more than simply improving management, billing and operations… and that’s what we’re about” – Andre Erasmus, Founder of Republic Metering

Quite simply, we take the guesswork out of your electricity, hot and cold water usage.

Republic Metering, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem for our property and business owners. Everyone is guessing.

Municipalities are using outdated technology and, with limited resources, have no transparent way of pro-actively managing your electricity or water usage – and in light of price hikes for both resources this data is essential.  It is critical that you know if you are being billed correctly upstream, that you are billing your tenants accurately downstream, have any tariff updates that could save you money, have leaks that are costing you money, have installed a solar panel that is delivering etc.

In the past people have used monthly manual readings to make more informed decisions.  Today Republic Metering provides the most complete solution available for real-time, accurate billing information.  Our mission is to make electricity and both hot and cold water management seamless and transparent.

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“Every day, I help people understand and gain control of their utilities. This is not just to improve their efficiency but also to streamline the management of their utilities in each of their properties (including that of their tenants) through correct billing, municipal verification, tariffs analysis, leak detection, tenant billing and such.

But that’s not just what we are about – we’re about innovation, creativity, future-proofing your assets in the face of global tech distribution and the failing of traditional management and revenue models that we think of when discussing our utilities. Join hundreds of South African business in the utility revolution.’’

Andre Erasmus, CEO & Founder

We ask the right questions, then find the answers:

Can you pinpoint any points of potential energy waste or water leaks?
Do you have absolute transparency of where and when energy is being used?
Do you have complete control and visibility of what your tenants are using so you don’t face getting landed with large unpaid bills?

Are you being billed correctly and on the right tariff by the municipality?

Are the other energy management or saving initiatives that you have installed actually performing as they should?

Can you effectively assess which energy saving initiatives to install, and see your savings in Rands and cents?

Hear it from our customers

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“We got Republic Metering involved to help us understand how the municipality was billing us for our electricity usage.  With their involvement, we discovered that we had been overbilled for quite some time and they helped facilitate the correction as well as the credit. Without the data we were able to extract using Republic Metering’s system, we could never have hoped to be in the position we are in now. It’s shown its value without a doubt.”

Tony Swift

General Manager, Chicory SA

“We were put in contact with Republic Metering when battling with one of our customers, who was querying why their electrical account was so high. The Republic Metering team was incredibly professional and proficient – straight after upgrading our existing hardware with smart meters, incorrect billing by our existing manual metering reading company flagged along with discrepancies on the municipal metering side. We have come very far since our first contact with them – and have gotten much more than we could have expected by having them as our metering partner”.

Simone Barry

Commercial Property Manager, Inscape Property Management

“Republic Metering runs the water and electricity metering of both our Spar and property portfolios – changing to a smart metering system (specifically Republic Metering) has had a massive impact on our business. Republic Metering are reliable, their service is on-point and as a property group, we will continue to use their services without question as we grow”.

Kevin McLoughlin

Director, Western Gruppe Properties

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