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We install, maintain and manage smart metering systems that will allow you to have the up to the moment information you need.


Effective utility management starts with transparent billing - get your meters online and say goodbye to estimated bills and frustrated tenants.


"Going green" is becoming a reality, but without proper measurement of your usage, confirming your exact savings becomes a gamble.


Start making a real impact with your energy saving

With the increase in living and utility costs on the rise, it has become even more essential to properly manage your utilities – using out-dated technology or meter reading systems can directly affect your bottom line. Smart Metering is used world-wide as the foundation on which energy saving plans as based, in that it is the only way to accurately quantify where you are using your energy, when and how.
We partner with the best technology providers in the country to make sure that all our customers only get the best advice. Call us today at Republic Metering so we can help you better manage your utilities, save energy and money.

Body Corporate

Have a prepaid or credit metering system that has all the benefits of smart metering, including accurate common-area or common-use utilities and PV.

small business

Accurate billing can make the difference between success and failure for a small business - whether for the owner, or for tenants.

commercial business solutions

Accurately bill tenants, optimise production to available tariffs or produce your own energy to feed back into the grid.

Metering &

Not sure where to start? We’ll start with an energy audit in the form of account and billing verification so we can plan ahead!

What is smart metering

Smart meters are the next generation of electricity meters

Smart Meters can offer a range of intelligent functionality. Using AMR technology, we can automatically collect electrical energy consumption data from a smart meter and transfer this into a database. This means that you can see exactly what energy - electrical or water - you have used, when and where. At Republic Metering we aim to give our customers the best possible advice and service when it comes to their metering. We offer both credit and prepaid options to make sure we leave no one out.

why choose us

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    We offer monthly account support and hardware maintenance to all our clients – we’ll even run your utility bills for you!

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    Field Experience

    Benefits from years of experience in the smart metering and energy business

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    Latest Technologies

    We pride ourselves on staying ahead of all available technologies, so we can give you the best of what there is.

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    It's Our Core Business

    Metering is our core business - it's what we do, and we do it well!

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